Swimming is a fun and exciting activity that is a special part of camp. Campers swim in both the pool and the river. All campers at Eden Village West will have a swim check in the first days of camp to determine whether they are a deep-water swimmer (allowed to go into both the deep end
and shallow end) or a shallow swimmer (allowed only to go in shallow area).

Being a shallow swimmer does NOT mean that a camper failed the check - it just means they need to stay in the shallow part of the pool or river. Campers are allowed to retake the swim check at a later point in the session if they feel they are a deep-water swimmer.

The swim check typically consists of:
 • Jumping into the deep end of the pool
 • Swimming a few lengths of the pool
 • Treading water for a few minutes

Life jackets are provided at the river for shallow swimmers, and may also be used by deep-water swimmers if they choose.  

No camper is ever required to swim at Eden Village West, and there are plenty of card games, balls, musical instruments and friends to spend time with if a camper doesn't choose to swim in the water.