In anticipation of summer, we want to share some information about the swimming policies here at camp so you and your children know what to expect.

Children often misconstrue this as a swim test, but it is not. It is simply an assessment to see whether a camper is a deep water swimmer (allowed to go into both the deep end and shallow end) or a shallow swimmer (allowed only to go in shallow area).

Being a shallow swimmer does NOT mean that a camper failed the check - it just means they need to stay in the shallow end of the pool.

The swim check consists of:

  1. Jumping into the deep end,

  2. Swimming 2 lengths of a front stroke (breast, front crawl, butterfly),

  3. Swimming 1 length of elementary backstroke 

  4. Treading water for 30 seconds,

  5. Floating on back for 30 seconds.