Many farmers plant their seeds in a greenhouse, where the seeds germinate and grow into small plants. Those plants grow up in the greenhouse and are comfortable there - it’s their home! But eventually, one day, those plants grow taller and a farmer will get ready to plant them outside. Many farmers will move their plants onto a table outside the greenhouse before they plant them in the field so that plants will have time to experience and adapt to their new surroundings (wind, temperature, sunlight, etc.) before their full planting, making their transition to a new home easier and ensuring their thriving success.

The same is true for a child coming to overnight camp. The more experience and information they have about camp before their arrival, the less foreign it seems when they arrive and the more quickly they adjust. Children should know that they will be part of a group, what the lodging will be like, that they will share responsibility for keeping their living areas clean, that there are scheduled activities they will be part of, etc. If your child asks a question you can’t answer, call us! We’re happy to give you more information and discuss strategies to help your child successfully transition to camp. Here are a few strategies that may help:


  • Simulate Camp At Home. First time coming to camp? Make preparation for camp a family bonding opportunity. Camp out in the living room! Share highs and lows at the end of the day. Arrange a sleepover with a friend so your child can experience sleeping outside their home. Have a night where everyone sleeps in a sleeping bag. Ask your child to pick out their own clothes one morning. Have them brush their teeth and put on their pajamas on their own at night.


  • Visit camp and meet our directors. Visit if possible! Camp hosts various spring events. These are opportunities for you and your camper/s to meet our staff, tour camp, ask questions, and build excitement. We are also happy to video chat, or talk on the phone. Call us at (510) 560-5610 or email to arrange a meeting.


  • Provide Eden Village West with complete information. It is imperative that camp has complete, accurate information about any emotional, behavioral, medical, or physical situations your camper may be experiencing. Withholding such information handicaps our ability to effectively care for your camper. Disclosure significantly increases your camper’s chances for success and happiness at camp. We take confidentiality very seriously and take many measures to protect your camper’s information.