We’re delighted that our campers and staff come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Earthadox, secular, Reform, Conservadox, Renewal, Reconstructionist, Humanistic, Just Jewish, Transdenominational, and more!

To ensure a welcoming environment for most Jews, we maintain a baseline observance, while not assuming that a camper has any background in Jewish learning. Our experienced mashgiach ensures a strict standard of certified Kosher food and a Kosher eruv; Shabbat is Shomer-Shabbat-friendly.

For services, we offer a balance of options and inclusivity. Friday night we all come together as one group.

We are intentional about building Jewish community with no assumptions about campers’ previous Jewish background or knowledge. We define all Hebrew terms and teach songs, blessings and customs, often enlisting the help of campers. Campers have the opportunity to help lead services and leyn (read Torah). Because our Judaism is earth-based, even our most Jewishly knowledgeable campers find themselves engaged and making new Jewish connections.