Camp is a socially complex environment. Campers develop new relationships with staff and campers of all ages, make decisions for themselves, eat meals with a group, share living spaces, and more. Navigating these experiences teaches and requires patience, cooperation, flexibility, empathy, respect, and more. Expectations of conduct for both campers and staff are very high and Eden Village West has a Camper Code of Conduct detailing what we expect from campers while they are at camp.

When challenges arise our bunk staff and leadership will intervene and work hard to support each camper in meeting conduct expectations. Parents may be notified, both as a point of process and to be a teammate in supporting their child. Serious violations of the Camper Code of Conduct can result in immediate dismissal without refund. Please review the Camper Code of Conduct in your CampInTouch account with your child before camp and sign it together.